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TYPEONE Installation Bar

Front Lower Bar

Middle Lower Bar

Rear Lower Bar

Rear Strut Bar

Rear Upper Bar

Rear Torsion Bar

4 x 4 Rear Anti Roll Bar

Front Strut Bar

Front Strut Bar

Rear Anti Roll Bar

Rear Lower Bar

Front Anti Roll Bar

Fender Bar

Room Bar

Side Bar

Roll Cage

What is Stable Bar?

A car stable bar, also known as a strut brace/bar or strut tower brace/bar, is an automotive suspension component that connects the two or more strut towers/bars of a vehicle, which are the structural parts of the suspension that hold the shock absorbers or body. The purpose of a strut brace/bar is to increase the stiffness and rigidity of the vehicle’s chassis, which can improve handling, stability and reduce body roll. The added stiffness can also enhance the overall performance of the suspension and help keep the tires in better contact with the road.

On the other hand, anti-roll bar is a component of a vehicle’s suspension system that helps to reduce the amount of body roll or sway, that a vehicle experiences during cornering. It connects the left and right wheels of a vehicle together through short lever arms, and as one wheel goes up and down, the anti-roll bar transfers some of the motion to the opposite wheel, which helps to keep the body of the vehicle more level. This improves handling and stability and can also help to reduce tire wear.

Strut brace/bars and anti-roll bars are different components, and their functions are different, but they both work to improve the handling and stability of a vehicle. While strut brace/bars connect the two or more strut towers/bars and increase the stiffness and rigidity of the vehicle’s chassis, anti-roll bars connect the left and right wheels of a vehicle together and reduce the amount of body roll. They can be used together to achieve the best results.

Front Lower Bar-typeone

Front Lower Bar

middle lower bar-typeone

Middle Lower Bar

rear lower bar-typeone

Rear Lower Bar

Raw Material, Design and Engineering

TYPEONE uses raw materials are screened before the production of our products. 

We are proud to have a registered industrial design in Malaysia. All of our stable bars design no need does the welding job in your car to install our stable bars.

Strut Bar & Lower Bar

Both sides of impact will be neutralized after equip with the TYPEONE strut bar and lower bar. TYPEONE strut bar and lower bar will spread out the impact to stabilize the vechicle and provide solid handling.

Anti Roll Bar

The Upgrade version of TYPEONE anti roll bar will prevent the car sway aside effectively and reduce the body roll and high stability while making a turn

Side Bar

TYPEONE side bar will reduce the damage from side impact and stabilize the weight transfer between front and rear

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